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Automatic glue dispenser machine WPM-332
Automatic glue dispenser machine WPM-332
  • Automatic glue dispenser machine WPM-332

  • item No: WPM-332

  • Automatic glue dispenser machine, Automatic Rotating Dispensing Robot, 4 Axis Dispenser Robot Glue, Glue Spreader Machine
    pressure regulating valve: adjust the syringe’s inside pressure, the pressure adjustment range is 0.05-0.9MPa; When adjusting, first pull out the knob, turn clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease, and press back to the knob after adjusting.
    Controller switch: The power supply in the control box is turned on or turned off.
    Y-axis slider: drives the substrate to move back and forth.
    Pressure gauge: shows the pressure after regulation.
    Manual glue button: press the button, the needle out of the glue; release the button, and stop the glue.
    X-axis: Control the needle to move left and right.
    Z-axis: Control the needle to move up and down.
    Reference plate: used to place workpieces or fixtures.
    Y-axis: Control the reference plate to move back and forth.
    Base: Internal for installing electrical control systems.
    Reset switch: Through this switch, the running program can be paused and returned to the origin. Teaching can be programmed after the machine is reset.
    For the fixture hanging plate, you can install the syringe or the dispensing valve, the specific program should be determined according to the process.
    Emergency stop button: When the button is pressed, the program is aborted and the device stops immediately.
    Start/Reset/Pause button: It is the system reset switch when it is turned on or after the emergency stop is released. After reset, it is the device running switch, and the running is the pause switch.

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Detailed description

Automatic glue dispenser machine, Automatic Rotating Dispensing Robot, 4 Axis Dispenser Robot Glue, Glue Spreader Machine 

pressure regulating valve: adjust the syringe’s inside pressure, the pressure adjustment range is 0.05-0.9MPa; When adjusting, first pull out the knob, turn clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease, and press back to the knob after adjusting.
Controller switch: The power supply in the control box is turned on or turned off.
Y-axis slider: drives the substrate to move back and forth.
Pressure gauge: shows the pressure after regulation.
Manual glue button: press the button, the needle out of the glue; release the button, and stop the glue.
X-axis: Control the needle to move left and right.
Z-axis: Control the needle to move up and down.
Reference plate: used to place workpieces or fixtures.
Y-axis: Control the reference plate to move back and forth.
Base: Internal for installing electrical control systems.
Reset switch: Through this switch, the running program can be paused and returned to the origin. Teaching can be programmed after the machine is reset.
For the fixture hanging plate, you can install the syringe or the dispensing valve, the specific program should be determined according to the process.
Emergency stop button: When the button is pressed, the program is aborted and the device stops immediately.
Start/Reset/Pause button: It is the system reset switch when it is turned on or after the emergency stop is released. After reset, it is the device running switch, and the running is pause switch.

Maximum speed

300mm/s(Can be customized up to 800mm/s)

Repeat accuracy

±0.02mm-0.05mm(Can be customized within±0.02mm)

Control system

Cooperate with domestic listed companies to develop teaching hand-held control system

Drive mode

Step/servo motor(imported from Japan), synchronous belt/Screw mandrel, Linear slide-way(Taiwan brand)

Program storage

It can store 1,000 sets of processing data, and a single processing file can occupy up to 3M storage space(5,000 processing points)

File storage space

Hand-held box 256M, card remover 32M, and a single processing file can occupy up to 3M storage space(100,000 processing points)

Support document


Maximum load

Y axis/Z axis 5KG/2KG

Power supply

AC220V/110V, 50-60HZ, 350W


old aluminum profile construction, beautiful appearance, and strong consistency;
The mechanical parts are processed by CNC to ensure precision and consistency;
The special assembly process of the synchronous pulley and the motor, combined with the new technology synchronous belt completely solve the tension and looseness problem of the synchronous belt after long-term use;
In the modular assembly process, each key component, and position can be dismantled separately, and accidentally damaged parts can be quickly replaced.
Desktop design, small footprint, suitable for batch assembly line dispensing operations.
The highest speed is 400-500 mm/sec, with high durability.
No liquid residue and skew in the shape of the corner R achieved a beautiful drawing.
The working range is from 100mm to 400mm, and various strokes are selected according to the situation of the worksite.
The dispensing program file can be uploaded or downloaded via a U disk, which is convenient for data management and saving.

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We're happy with the responses we get from our customers. Our merchandise had been exported to India, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Poland & different regions.
We trust in the significance of the strength of the partnership that we construct and the gain we will offer. Our advantage isn't how large we're, nor how lengthy our history is, simply to present our customers with sincere certified merchandise with a rational charge, an especially considerate carrier from beginning to end. It is why we presented proper popularity from all clients.
We are doing our nice to satisfy our customer's needs, no longer effectively offering the objects that we've however also gambling the sourcing and representative position for our clients, as we've got a good courting with loads of china suppliers and recognize properly in this subject.
With a team of professional workforce for product r&d, quality control, and export documentation, we can manage and cope with all manufacturing and export processes for you.
Now we had already surpassed the international exceptional management machine iso 9001:2008.
Jingwei generation maintains to expose extensive increase; enabled with the aid of an incredibly productive sales and technical support group coupled with modern main-edge generation platforms that supply us a competitive edge.
With affordable costs, competitive products, and thoughtful providers we've gained customers’ agree with and recognition. We dedicated ourselves to retaining excellent popularity and hold to contributing wire slicing and stripping machines.
Our machines are very consumer-friendly and can be operated very without difficulty and without hassles. They're each in high call for in the market and can be custom designed in keeping with the specifications provided by customers.
Jingwei affords personnel with loose internal and external schooling opportunities each year to improve their professional understanding. We additionally set many awards to inspire individuals who made superb contributions to the corporation. We in reality hope that all of the talented women and men be part of us and create a shiny and excellent destiny.
Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufactory?
A1: We are a manufactory, and we supply the factory price with good quality!

Q2: What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
A2: We offer you high-quality machines with a 1-year guarantee and supply lifelong technical support.

Q3: When can I get my machine after I paid?
A3: The delivery time is based on the exact machine you confirmed.

Q4: How can I install my machine when it arrives?
A4: All machines will be installed and debugged well before delivery. English Manual and operation video will be together sent with the machine. you can directly use when you got our machine. 24 hours online if you have any questions

Q5: How about the spare parts?
A5: After we deal with all the things, we will offer you a spare parts list for your reference.

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