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battery terminal crimping machine WPM-50T
battery terminal crimping machine WPM-50T
  • Battery Terminal Crimping Machine WPM-50T

  • Item No : WPM-50T

  • Battery Terminal Crimping Machine
    This Is A Semi-automatic Crimping Machine, Suitable For Cable Lug, And Ferrule Terminal Crimping.
     Product Details
     Applicable Wire 10-120mm2
     Power Supply AC 220V
     Crimping Force 20T
     Air Supply 05-0.8MPa
     Terminal Shape Hexagonal Shape, B-shaped, Square Shape.
     Stroke 40mm
     Size 450*450*1200mm
     Weight 200kg
     Applicable Mold Hexagon Mold/square Mold/B-shaped Mold
     1) Hexagon Mold: 10-120mm² No Need To Change The Mold.
     2) Square Mold: For Ferrule/cord End Terminal Crimping. 
     3) B-shaped Mold: According To The Dimensions Of The Terminal, One Mold For One Side Of The Terminal.
      Features And Advantages:
     (1)AirTac Pneumatic Parts, Good Sealing, Sensitive Response, Wear-resistant And Durable.
     (2) Press The Button Start Or Press The Footswitch Start.
     (3) Hydraulic And Airpower, Saving Energy.
     (4) Simple Operation, Replaceable Crimping Mold.
     (5) Stable Performance, High Efficiency.
     (6) For Crimping Operations For Non-standardized Or Crimp Terminals. Easy Operation Of The Machine And Easy Maintenance, Designed For High-volume Manufacturers To Save The Cost Of Its Failure Period Waste.
     Our Crimping Machines:
     (1) Semi-auto Super Mute Crimping Machine: 1.5T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 6T, 8 T.
     (2) Servo Motor Drive Crimping Machine: Suitable Drive Crimping Machine: Suitable For Enameled Wire Spli

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Detailed description
battery terminal crimping machine, 50t Terminal Crimping Machine, Cable Lugs Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic crimping machine, suitable for cable lug, and ferrule terminal crimping.
 Product details
 Applicable wire 10-120mm2
 Power supply AC 220V
 Crimping force 20T
 Air supply 05-0.8MPa
 Terminal shape Hexagonal shape, B-shaped, square shape.
 Stroke 40mm
 Size 450*450*1200mm
 Weight 200kg
 Applicable mold Hexagon mold/square mold/B-shaped mold
 1) Hexagon mold: 10-120mm² no need to change the mold.
 2) Square mold: for ferrule/cord end terminal crimping. 
 3) B-shaped mold: according to the dimensions of the terminal, one mold for one side of the terminal.
  Features and advantages:
 (1)AirTac pneumatic parts, good sealing, sensitive response, wear-resistant and durable.
 (2) Press the button start or press the footswitch start.
 (3) Hydraulic and airpower, saving energy.
 (4) Simple operation, replaceable crimping mold.
 (5) Stable performance, high efficiency.
 (6) For crimping operations for non-standardized or crimp terminals. Easy operation of the machine and easy maintenance, designed for high-volume manufacturers to save the cost of its failure period waste.
 Our crimping machines:
 (1) Semi-auto super mute crimping machine: 1.5T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 6T, 8 T.
 (2) Servo motor drive crimping machine: suitable drive crimping machine: suitable for enameled wire splicing.
 (3) Servo motor drive hexagon terminal crimping machine 15T.
 (4) Hydraulic hexagon/B-shape/point press terminal crimping machine 20T.
 (5) Auto-feeding loose terminal crimping machine, with a vibrator.
 (6) Full auto single/double end wire cutting stripping crimping machine.
 (7) Fullautoonesidedcrampingone-side twisting tinning machine.
 (8Fullauto cutting stripping crimping housing insertion machine.
 (9) For further information, please contact us.

sample of Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine, 50t Terminal Crimping Machine, Cable Lugs Crimping Machine
Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine, 50t Terminal Crimping Machine, Cable Lugs Crimping Machine
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