0.3 to 25mm Square Cable Stripping Machine Auto Wire Strip Machine

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25 Square Cable Stripping Machine Auto Wire Strip Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for processing wires in such industries as electronic products, electric appliances, toys and auto and motorcycle parts, etc. With a microcomputer controlled very clean designed mechanism, it cuts and strips wire automatically. The direct and easy-to-use interface allows inexperienced users to operate it easily. Various cutting style and programmable length and distance can suit any wire assemble needed. Rapid and automatic cutting allow high boost the productivity.

* Peeling at both ends, full peeling, half peeling, multiple stripping and cutting in the middle
* The two wheels are driven at the same time, the gear is cut off, the knife cut is neat, and the stripping quality is stable
* Low loss, no damage to core lin,e durable and abrasion resistant.
* Using 7 round straightener, the wire more precision, improve work quality and efficiency.
* New economical high speed design, core processor running, fast speed and stable performance

Product Description

Model SW-MAX25
Power supply AC220V50/60HZ
Function Wire cutting, double-end stripping, middle stripping
Wire range 0.1-25mm2
Size 54*53*41cm
Cutting length 0.1mm-99999.9mm
weight 39kg
Stripping length head 0.1-50mm, stripping tail 0.1-50mm
Blade material Imported tungsten steel / high speed steel
Middle strip 13 segments
Capacity 4000-5000pcs/h
Display method LCD English display
Remarks Function Automatic in/out, timing start, jog adjustment
Power 800W

Model NumberSW-MAX25
OriginMainland China

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