1.5T High Speed Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine Wire Pressing Machine Electric Terminal Crimping Machine

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1.5T Terminal Crimping Machine Automatic High Speed Terminal Splicing Machine Terminal with Wire Fully Crimping

Terminal Splicing Crimper 1.5T Low noise Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine 

1. Terminal Crimping Machine Specification :

1.5T Terminal Crimping Press is automatic high speed and super mute terminal crimping machine;

1.5T Terminal Crimping Machine is easy to operate and running, which is designed for high output and low maintenance;
1.5T Terminal wire crimping machine used frequency coversion technology, electronic precision positioning, that is why low noise;
2. Terminal Crimping Press  Functions:
1.5T Crimping Press voltage stability, high speed ,high accuracy;
1.5T Terminal Crimping Machine used for computer terminals,DC Terminals, AC Terminals, Single Terminals , Wire Terminals,Continuous terminals,
Fully Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Parameters:
Model :                1.5T Terminal Crimping Machine
Stroke :                  30mm
Power supply :      220/110V/60/50HZ 
Crimping force :   1500KG
Motor Power :       0.55KW   

Machine without Mold 

If need mold please click another mold link ,tks .

Crimping Press AdvantageHigh Speed and Low Noise
Crimping Press Control ModelPedal Control
Crimping Press Force20KN
Crimping Press Match withCrimping Mould Applicator
Crimping Press Power0.75KW
Crimping Press Stroke30mm
Crimping Press Suitable forAll kind of Wire and Terminal
Model NumberTerminal Crimping Machine
OriginMainland China
Product1.5T Terminal Crimping Press
TypeMale to Male

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