2 mm Welding Wire Rope Cutting Machine Thin Copper Wire Cut Machine with Straightener

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2 mm Welding Wire Rope Cutting Machine Thin Copper Wire Cut Machine with Straightener

Wire straightening and cutting machine suitable for cutting various metal wire materials such as iron wire,copper wire iron wire copper wire welding wire steel wire steel wire rope,aluminum wire enameled copper wire electric wire tie wire and so on.

*LCD Chinese System
Easily set the feeding length, speed,batch size,total number, pause time,etc.,multi-functional use

*Guide device
The guide rod is adjustable to effectively prevent material deviation and ensure accuracy. At the same time, it can cut multiple strips, sheets, tubes, and ribbons with high production efficiency

*Front steel blade
Special mechanical structure and high-quality blades, sharp blades, long-lasting durability, ensuring smooth cutting edges and no burrs

*Adjustable straightener
To prevent material damage and bending, the use of a straightener can effectively straighten various wires

*Plug/power switch
1.Directly plug in and use easy to plug and unplug
2. Press to power on press to power off,with indicator light

Product Description

Model CT-R3
Name Wire straightener and cutting machine
Product Power 220V50-60Hz
Cutting length 0.1-9999.9(mm)
Cutting speed 30-120pcs/min
Feeding width 1-100mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Motor Power 1.1kw+0.75w
Weight 86 KG
Dimension 900*360*330(mm)
Product Motor Feeding motor stepper motor Cutter motor:ACmotor

Model NumberCT-S1
OriginMainland China

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