2T Mute Terminal Crimping Machine Electric Wire Fit for Multiple Applicator Mould

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Product Displays

Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine can install all kinds applicator

Automatic High Speed Terminal Splicing Machine

Terminal with Wire Fully Crimping Machine

Product Specifications


- Silent terminal machine, using cash inverter, frequency conversion motor control ;

- Equipped with high-precision imported proximity switch,reducer,agile and accurate action,accurate feeding, high efficiency;

- Electronic positioning,the motor noise during crimping is less than traditional;

- Power saving,convenient and quick mold adjustment, avoiding common obstacles such as traditional terminal clutches and electromagnets, and saving time for adjusting the crimping height;

- The height of crimping can be directly adjusted on the operation panel.

Electric Terminal Crimping Machine with updated

Update Scale Mark can understand per time how many adjust

Terminal Crimping Machine Easy Replace Terminal Crimping Applicator

Insulation Terminal Crimping Machine

Tubular Terminal Crimping Machine

Cable Terminal Crimping Machine

Pin Terminal Crimping Machine

Electric Cable Terminal Crimping Machine Package

Applicationelectronic;TE terminals;Molex Terminals;Single Grain Terminals...
Crimping capacity2 TON
Crimping force2000 KG
Crimping Machine for TerminalsCable Terminal Crimping Machine
Crimping stroke30mm
Model NumberTerminal Crimping Machine
Motor Power0.75KW
OriginMainland China
Pin Terminal Crimping MachineFlat Terminal Crimping Machine
Power supply220V / 110V
ProductElectric Terminal Crimping Machine
Terminal Crimping MachineRing Terminal Crimping Machine
TypeMale to Male

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