3T Wire Strip and Terminal Crimping Machine Terminal Crimp Machine

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3t Wire Strip and Terminal Crimping Machine High Precision Terminal Crimp Machine

This machine adopts advanced electronic control technology, and is equipped with high-precision control module and transmission mechanism, so that peeling and punching can be completed at one time. It has the characteristics of low noise, low power consumption and high efficiency. For extremely thin wires, the processing of multi-core shielded wires has obvious effects. The wire stripping action of this machine is driven by the cylinder, with fast action speed and accurate positioning. The scrap after stripping adopts the method of vacuum suction, which is clean, convenient and simple. The press is driven by gear deceleration, and the pressure is highly accurate. For skilled operation, this machine can change the overall speed by adjusting the air valve, so as to adapt to the operator's proficiency. It is our aim to effectively reduce processing procedures, reduce work difficulty, and improve work efficiency. We are willing to make progress together with you. Welcome to communicate with us for more.

* Microcomputer controller, can be realized by pressing the button. Manual mode, wire clamping without terminal, wire clamping and terminal.
* Electrical control, use electrical control instead or mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch, which effectively eliminates the hard contact between machines and reduce wear.
* Fast cassette mold base, save time, and mold base is highly interchangeable and can replace a variety of molds.
* Fast cassette mold base, save time, and mold base is highly interchangeable and can replace a variety of molds.

Product Description

Model VH-09
Power supply 200V~240V 50/60Hz
Terminal crimping force 3 Ton
Applicable wire AWG36-AWG20
Body size 53*40*83CM
Total weight 100KG
Strip length 1 - 10 mm
Applicable small wire diameter 0.9mm
Short line length 65mm (50mm, can be customized)
Crimping terminal Continuous terminal, horizontal, direct feed
Speed 12000 pcs/h
Peeling stroke 20mm
Power 750W

Model NumberVH-09
OriginMainland China

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