AB Glue 3 Axis Robot Two Component Cartridges Glue Dispensing Machine With Cooling Function

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Glue Dispensing Feature

1.It is suitable for AB quick-drying glue to prolong the curing time of glue; the dynamic mixing tube makes the glue evenly mixed;
The glue is controlled by the cylinder to control the Y-shaped amount of glue, and the glue is stopped more quickly;

2.With a glue interception device, it can effectively delay the curing time of glue and control the amount of glue.

3.Dynamic cooling technology ensures smooth flow of glue for dispensing, effectively prolonging the curing time of glue by 5~10 minutes


YK-D331 AB glue dispensing machine

Dispensing range X/Y/Zmm



Teaching programming or graphics import

Glue frequency

5 times/sec

Maximum load

X axis 5kg Y aixs 5kg Zaixs 3kg

Moving speed (mm/sec)




way to control

Motion control card + handheld box

Number of program records

100 groups

Display method

LCD teaching box

Input power

Full voltage AC110V~200V

Spit pressure adjustment range


Machine structure

Our factory

Applicable glueAB glue
Application MaterialsPlastic
Model NumberYK-D331
OriginMainland China

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