Automatic Servo Crimping Terminal Machine Hexagonal Die-free Riveting Press , Large Square Wire Harness Hydraulic Wire Machine

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Fully automatic servo crimping terminal machine Hexagonal die-free riveting press New energy large square wire harness hydraulic wire machine



1. Electronic positioning, no need to change molds, saving time and efficiency

Can be crimped: 10mm²-120mm²

Crimp width: 10mm/12mm

2. Applicable to new energy charging pile cables, car battery cables, power transmission and distribution equipment

, Power distribution cabinet cables, etc., professional riveting equipment for large square thick wires.

3. Electric hydraulic drive, PLC drive control system, the crimping head can be fully opened, high accuracy, low working noise



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Model NumberBORX-240ET
OriginMainland China
Power supply :220V
Pressure :15T
Usage 2:large square cable crimper
Usage 3:cable hydraulic crimping machine
Usage :Thick cable crimping tool machine

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